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Standing on nails: benefits and harms

“Disease comes as quickly as a wall falls, and leaves as slowly as silk is unwound,” says an ancient Eastern wisdom. The problem is that any disease first manifests itself at the energy level and in this state can progress for many years. And only when the imbalance in the body reaches its peak, the disease goes to the physical level and becomes noticeable to man. But most often it can be seen in the early stages — it always begins with an imbalance in the Outlook and/or energy of the person. And the treatment of any disease should be approached not only from a physical point of view. There is another good saying: “to Treat a person with pills is the same as to smear green paint on the legs of the bed on which the patient lies.” The only, perhaps the difference is that this procedure, unlike modern pharmaceuticals, at least no harm.

Anyway, the disease is always an imbalance in the body. From the energy point of view, violation of the process of free flow of energy in the body causes physical ailments. In the human body, according to one version, about 72 thousand channels through which energy flows. And on the interlacing of these channels there are points, acting on which, it is possible to restore the flow of energy in the body and thereby eliminate the cause of the disease at the energy level. High concentration of such points for impact on feet legs. In ancient times, when man lived in harmony with nature, he often walked barefoot on the ground, and the impact on these points was constant, which allowed, apparently, to prevent various stagnations of energy. Now that most people live in cities, the impact on these points is minimal. However, this can be corrected. And such severe yogic practice as standing on nails will help in this.

Standing on nails: benefits and harms
Standing on nails-already sounds, to put it mildly, unusual. Immediately comes to mind the idea that this is available only to experienced fakirs and this practice — something from the field of swallowing swords, devouring fire and so on. However, subject to safety rules, it is available for almost everyone. The Board with nails on which the practice is performed is called the “sadhu Board”. “Sadhu” means ‘Holy man’. Simply put, a yogi. What is the meaning of such severe austerity as standing on nails? Isn’t this some meaningless yogic ritual, like holding your hand over your head for years? Not at all. The effect that this practice has on the body is very favorable. Standing on nails influences reflex points of feet, balancing activity of internal organs and systems. From the physical point of view, the practice has a healing and strengthening effect on the body. From the energy point of view, improves energy flow in the body, removing energetic “blockages” in the channels, which are often the cause of disease. At the psycho-spiritual level, the practice of standing on nails trains the will of a person, allows you to curb the mind, feelings, emotions, gain control over yourself.

The physiological aspect of the benefits of standing on nails is just the tip of the iceberg. For people with a military type of character and the appropriate way of life, the practice allows you to cultivate strength of mind, indifference to physical discomfort and learn self-restraint. Even a short standing on nails allows you to develop awareness and concentration. From this point of view, standing on nails can help in a purely psychological practice, which is called “Sankalpa”. Sankalpa is an installation that is loaded into the subconscious. To do this in a normal state of consciousness, you will need multiple repetitions, which can last for years. During the performance of ascetic practices, such as, for example, standing on nails, a special state of consciousness is achieved, somewhat resembling a light trance, and this allows you to more effectively create Sankalpa, a positive attitude.

In the matter of the practice of standing on nails, it is also worth considering the aspect of karma. Each of us has committed evil deeds in the past, and in accordance with the laws of the universe, the consequences of these actions we will have to survive. Negative karma is destroyed only by experiencing any suffering. However, negative karma can be experienced more consciously and less painfully. For this there is such a thing as austerity — voluntary self-restraint. And standing on nails is one of the types of asceticism, which allows in a concentrated and, most importantly, safe way to experience the suffering that we are supposed to our karma. And practicing regularly such austerity, you can gradually, in small “portions” to survive even the heaviest karma and thus avoid some serious trouble in everyday life.

The best is the enemy of the good. In any case, fanaticism can spoil everything. And even the elixir of immortality can be poisoned by taking it in the wrong dosage. By the way, in Taoist practices of internal alchemy, such cases were very numerous, when careless students or simply inattentive practices, incorrectly following the instructions of the teacher or written in the treatise, died in search of immortality. To the healing practice became a process of self-destruction, be all to exercise common sense.

It is important to understand that standing on nails is a stress, especially for an unprepared organism, and you should not drive yourself into extreme austerity. First, mental and physical strain from excessive perseverance in practice very quickly exhaust motivation, and you just get tired of torturing yourself. Secondly, prolonged exposure to reflex points can cause unpredictable consequences, for example, start powerful cleansing processes in the body or lead to excessive activity of any organ. For example, excessive activity of the intestine can cause a banal upset stomach, and active cleansing of the liver — the movement of gallstones and so on. Therefore, you should master the practice gradually, watching the reaction of your body.

It is also important to find a qualitatively made Board, so as not to get hurt and, again, not to provoke too active an impact on individual points. For this purpose the Board with nails should be ideally equal. The location of the nails in a staggered manner at intervals of 1 cm Nails should be silver or at least silver-plated, which eliminates the ingress of infection. It is also not recommended to start the practice without a warm — up-feet need to stretch to prepare them for such a powerful impact. You should carefully monitor your feelings, only a feeling of slight discomfort is allowed, but even in this case it is not recommended at the initial stage to stand on nails for more than one minute.

How to learn how to stand on nails
As mentioned above, the first thing that matters is the quality of the Board itself. Despite the apparent simplicity of the tool, it is not recommended to make it yourself, as it is important to take into account a lot of little things, so that instead of benefit you do not get harm. The Board is better to buy or order from a specialist who is engaged in their professional manufacture.

Start practice better with assistant or even two, so as need simultaneously to stand up by both feet on the surface chessboard with nails and evenly distribute weight on both foot. This is important for successful and safe practice. If you still decide to practice alone, try to get up on the Board from a sitting position or with the help of improvised means — with the support of a wall, a chair and so on. Start and finish the practice should be foot massage.

For the first time it will be enough to stand on nails for 20-30 seconds, then you can gradually increase the time to 5 minutes. But you need to add time gradually-10-20 seconds at a time.

Standing on nails: use
Standing on nails starts process of influence on reflex points.

For example, the impact on the brain is carried out through pressure on the point in the middle of the big toe. Also in the front of the feet (on the fingers and at their bases) are the points of impact on all organs of the head: eyes, ears, nose. The base of the thumb acts on the neck, just below this point is the pressure relief point. At the ends of the toes there are points of influence on the frontal sinuses, which allows you to start the process of their purification. In mid-stop sign are point impact on organs digestion: stomach, intestines, spleen, kidneys, bladder, slightly higher — stomach. On heels there are points of influence on sexual glands, and slightly above the middle of heels there is a point which allows to get rid of insomnia.

The effectiveness of exposure to acupuncture points is confirmed by scientific studies. On June 10, 2018, a study was published in the journal JAMA Oncology, according to which women with early stage breast cancer underwent a course of exposure to acupuncture points, and six weeks later they disappeared or decreased pain. According to the University of Rochester in the United States, the effect depends on the level of protein A1 in the human body. If there is a deficiency in the body, the effect of the impact on the reflex points will be weaker. Research of the University of Melbourne in 2014 confirmed the effectiveness of the impact on reflex points in the treatment of chronic knee pain. Joint function has also improved.

The organization Arthritis Research UK on the basis of these studies concluded that the emotional state of the patient strongly affects the treatment process and effectiveness when exposed to reflex points. And emotional reactions the effect may both increase and decrease. According to numerous studies, who has concluded that exposure to acupuncture points can be effective in at least 28 different diseases, ranging from headaches and depression to allergic reactions, stroke and pain in the spine.

Why stand on nails

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