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About the destruction of the consciousness of men and about alcohol

About the destruction of the consciousness of men and about alcohol.
Let’s look at specific life examples. Namely, what we can now observe in our society.

For certain reasons, for certain purposes, some forces invented alcohol and introduced it everywhere, all over the world. A man who drinks beer, or wine, or vodka, thinks that he is relaxing, but in fact he is gradually losing his mind. And this unreasonable state over time becomes natural, familiar and pleasant for a man. A man does not know how to relax without alcohol, he becomes DEPENDENT. The introduction and widespread advertising of alcohol through TV and the media has led to the fact that the most conscious part of humanity – men – began to depend on it for alcohol. The point of introducing alcohol is that alcohol cloudes a person’s consciousness, makes him heavy and dull, and over time can completely destroy it.

A non-practicing person who does not have esoteric knowledge is very easy to make addicted. Together with addiction, egoism begins to flourish, since one does not exist without the other. A dependent person with a dull consciousness can no longer benefit society as a person with a clear consciousness. He becomes lazy, deceitful, cowardly, aggressive, etc. .. The consciousness of such a man is gradually changing, he ceases to appreciate and respect a woman and her inner qualities. He demands from her the same as before – her attention, vitality, energy, in the form of cleaning, cooking and satisfying his other needs, but he does not appreciate it at all, takes it for granted. Since the consciousness of a man is not pure, the energy that a woman gives to a man goes in the wrong direction – the egoism of a man only grows stronger.

Therefore, further the situation develops in two directions:

The first scenario:

If a woman agrees with her position, then she continues to fulfill her duties by cleaning, preparing and pleasing her husband in different ways. Only he does this no longer from a pure heart, but mechanically, by virtue of the ritual order established in the family. Outwardly, everything may look quite safe, but a man ceases to receive from the wife the most important thing – the energy of love, care and support. And without this energy, he cannot truly create!

A man is stressed, energetically he feels dissatisfaction, but he cannot understand this with his mind. He cannot understand the true reason for his dissatisfaction just because he has no knowledge, and he had never worked with consciousness before, nor trained his mind. He does not understand that, in fact, he ceased to fulfill his duties to a woman, and that is why he ceased to receive her vitality – energy. Sooner or later, such a man begins to look for substitutes for female energy on the side – treason begins, naturally, also with alcohol … but since women also do not have a spiritual education, these betrayals also do not lead to anything good, the man tries to find peace and love on side, but finds the same disappointment.

The second scenario:

A woman decides to be financially independent from a man, because she understands that she has enough strength to raise children and earn money. She begins to use her own energy in order to provide herself financially. But at the same time, a woman loses her feminine beginning – she loses the ability to transmit to a man the energy of love and care. As soon as she loses her feminine nature, she immediately loses consciousness, and by her inner qualities she becomes like a man – overwhelming, tough and aggressive and completely uncontrollable.

That is, in both the first and second versions, the natural feminine principle, which carries the energy of love and care, is either completely suppressed by the unconsciousness of the man, or is completely destroyed.

What I described is fully consistent with what is said in ancient tantric culture. A man is an embodiment of reason, consciousness. A woman is the personification of energy, a driving force. But female energy exists in various manifestations. If energy does not create life, then it destroys it. Therefore, if, thanks to the unconsciousness of men, a woman forgets what love and care are, her energy becomes destructive, and the inner qualities of such a woman become disgusting.

So, alcohol is not a harmless hobby. Before the revolution in Tsarist Russia, Russian men did not drink vodka. Rather, they drank vodka, but vodka was a tincture made from medicinal herbs in spring water. The destruction of the consciousness of men by alcohol over several generations led to what we are seeing now – to the destruction of the internal foundations of society, and the destruction of the foundations of society is the destruction of the country.

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