Standing on nails: benefits and harms
"Disease comes as quickly as a wall falls, and leaves as slowly as silk is unwound," says an ancient Eastern wisdom. The problem is that any disease first manifests itself…

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Advaita Vedanta. The doctrine of non-duality
"Everything consists of emptiness, and form is condensed emptiness." This is what albert Einstein said at the time. The 1994 Soviet scientific film entitled "Journey to the nanoworld" reveals the…

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Four kinds of karma
Being under the illusion that the world around us is not just hostile to us, but, moreover, unfairly hostile, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to develop. Because if a…

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Complex “Surya Namaskar” – Salutation to the Sun (part 3)

Beneficial action

An obvious feature of Surya Namaskar is that it is an exercise for the whole body. The back bends back and forth, arms and legs bend and straighten, the stomach contracts and stretches, etc. This is a complex exercise that affects the health of the whole organism. Unlike many other types of exercises and gymnastics, it is not limited to the development of one part of the body, for example, the muscles of the arm.

The body consists of various systems and organs that are interconnected with each other and act in concert, ensuring maximum health and effectiveness. This coordination is very easily violated, resulting in illness, loss of strength, etc. Let us briefly discuss some of the basic systems of the body and how Surya Namaskar beneficially affects them.

Digestive system: the abdominal organs and stomach alternately stretch and contract. This provides a good massage of the internal organs and ensures their normal functioning, or, if they are currently not working effectively enough, stimulates their activity.

Excretory system: Rapid removal of waste from the body is essential. Often, undigested residues remain in the intestine due to constipation, which can lead to a number of other disorders. Surya Namaskar stimulates intestinal motility, helping to eliminate any tendency to constipation.

Another important excretory organ is the kidneys. They filter out contaminants from the blood and remove them from the body in the urine. Surya Namaskar provides a gentle massage of these two organs, increases their blood supply, and also accelerates blood circulation throughout the body. As a result, the normal functioning of the kidneys is stimulated, and at the same time, additional washing and filtration of blood in the kidneys is provided. For best results, in addition to the daily practice of Surya Namaskar, you need to drink plenty of clean, fresh water.

A large part of the waste of the human body is secreted through the skin. This process works especially well when a person sweats profusely. Often, toxins accumulate in the skin, which manifests itself in the form of boils and blackheads. Surya Namaskar leads to increased sweating, and thereby helps to remove toxins from the body, helping to prevent skin diseases. This is an excellent way to get a fresh complexion, especially if you take a bath / shower after Surya Namaskar or the daily yoga program.

Circulatory system: Surya Namaskar increases the heart rate and stimulates the entire circulatory system, helping to remove waste from the body. All cells in the body receive additional nutrition, which allows them to function more efficiently. It improves health and increases vitality.

The work of the lymphatic system is also accelerated. This system plays the most important role in protecting the body against infections. This is the body’s self-healing system, and without it the body would quickly succumb to the disease. By increasing blood circulation and eliminating harmful bacteria from the body, Surya Namaskar directly helps the lymphatic system more effectively fight diseases.

Endocrine system: this system plays an important role in determining our well-being and attitude towards life. It consists of a large number of different chemicals (hormones) that interact with each other, mutually reinforcing or suppressing each other. Even a slight imbalance can cause far-reaching consequences in the form of a disease. A common example is diabetes. There are many other diseases that become a direct result of hormonal imbalance. Hormones are officers of the body, the brain is the commander, and parts of the body are soldiers. It is hormones that mobilize and coordinate various body functions. Growth rate, sexual functions, excitability, etc. – all this is controlled by hormones.

Surya Namaskar brings this whole system into a state of harmony, helping to eliminate any malfunctions by directly massaging the corresponding glands and improving their blood supply.

Nervous system: when performing Surya, Namaskar gently stretches, masses and stimulates millions of nerves throughout the body. It is these nerves that connect the brain with various parts and organs of the body. Nerves act as mediators. Even if the organ is in excellent condition, it is able to work only as efficiently as nerves allow it. If the nerves are in poor condition, the activity of the organs associated with them suffers. Most sedentary people today do not exercise their body well enough. As a result, nerve fibers become sluggish and gradually atrophy. Surya Namaskar tones these nerves and at the same time excites the centers of the brain associated with them. A person feels cheerful by doing several cycles of this exercise.

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