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Advaita Vedanta. The doctrine of non-duality
"Everything consists of emptiness, and form is condensed emptiness." This is what albert Einstein said at the time. The 1994 Soviet scientific film entitled "Journey to the nanoworld" reveals the…

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Briefly about the main directions and types of yoga
Hatha Yoga is the yoga of the body. The word hatha consists of two syllables - ha and tha. The syllable ha means "the sun," and the syllable tha means…

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Yoga dictionary. Vairagya
This is the phenomenon on which all suffering in the material world is based. Being attached to objects of pleasure, to the comfort zone, to a habitual state of Affairs,…

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Complex “Surya Namaskar” – Salutation to the Sun (part 4)

Muscles and skeleton: Surya Namaskar trains all the major muscles and joints of the body. The muscles contract and stretch, and all the contaminated, stagnant blood goes to the lungs and kidneys for cleaning. This is a great method to warm up the body before doing asanas.

Subtle influences: Surya Namaskar can bring many additional and, possibly, more important benefits than purely physical ones. It depends on your attitude. If you do the exercise consciously, and fully surrendering to the recitation of mantras, breathing and movements, it will lead to a calming mind. Therefore, it is very useful for eliminating emotional conflicts, neurosis and stress, especially if it is supplemented by other yoga practices. If a person is prone to piety, then he can do the exercise with a full understanding of the importance of sun worship. It will cleanse his heart and mind. Continue reading

Complex “Surya Namaskar” – Salutation to the Sun (part 3)

Beneficial action

An obvious feature of Surya Namaskar is that it is an exercise for the whole body. The back bends back and forth, arms and legs bend and straighten, the stomach contracts and stretches, etc. This is a complex exercise that affects the health of the whole organism. Unlike many other types of exercises and gymnastics, it is not limited to the development of one part of the body, for example, the muscles of the arm.

The body consists of various systems and organs that are interconnected with each other and act in concert, ensuring maximum health and effectiveness. This coordination is very easily violated, resulting in illness, loss of strength, etc. Let us briefly discuss some of the basic systems of the body and how Surya Namaskar beneficially affects them. Continue reading

Complex “Surya Namaskar” – Salutation to the Sun (part 2)

Without synchronization between breathing and movement, exercise loses many of its beneficial properties.

3. Mantras: each of the twelve positions of Surya Namaskar corresponds to a special mantra. Mantras are combinations of syllables, sounds or phrases comprehended by ancient sages and widely known in India for millennia. These special sounds, through the power of their vibrations, exert a subtle, but powerful and profound effect on the mind and body. When performing Surya Namaskar, in each position aloud or silently, the corresponding mantra is pronounced. When Surya Namaskar is combined with proper breathing and these “bija” mantras (seed sounds), the mind and intellect receive a boost of energy. The bija mantras create vibration, and it is it that gives rise to energy. Continue reading

Complex “Surya Namaskar” – Salutation to the Sun (part 1)

This complex, amazing in its effect on the body and psyche, is an integral part of any yoga practice. Different yoga schools may have slightly different performance.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati writes in his book Surya Namaskara:

Surya Namaskar:

– fills the whole body with energy,
– eliminates all signs of drowsiness
– perfectly prepares the body and mind to get the most out of
subsequent asanas, pranayama, meditative techniques, etc. Continue reading

Food for brain

Once, jokingly, in a 35_small_1166210243 conversation with a friend who has for many years refrained from eating meat, they brought up the “term” – an angry and kind vegetarian. “Evil” is one who condemns people who eat meat and is constantly trying to convert everyone to their faith. A “good” vegetarian – does not go on crusades to meat-eaters, only by example, showing the world all the benefits and bonuses of clean food. I always referred to the “good” vegetarians. For I believe that before this it is necessary to mature, and the transition to a new diet should be absolutely stressless. In general, my motto has always been and remains “If you can’t eat meat, don’t eat.” And here on the site I come across the brochure “Food for the mind.” Continue reading

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The purpose of yoga. Ashtanga Yoga Patanjali (part 1)
In order to achieve any goal, you need to clearly see this goal in front of you. Therefore, in order for the practice of yoga to be fruitful, you need…


Yoga dictionary. Viparea
Everything is conditioned by the perception of the one who experiences this or that event. The perception of reality is influenced by the so - called "Vritti"-fluctuations of the mind,…


Yoga dictionary. Viparea
Everything is conditioned by the perception of the one who experiences this or that event. The perception of reality is influenced by the so - called "Vritti"-fluctuations of the mind,…


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (part 2)
Vinyasa Vinyasa is a way of synchronizing breathing and movement. There is one breathing cycle per movement. For all asanas, a certain amount of vinyasas is established. The purpose of…